Lolcats ‘cheezburger’ site hiring bad spellers

Cute, furry, amusing. Since the dawn of the internet humanity has shared and laughed at many a fuzzy feline in photographic or video form. Click here or on “View Gallery” for more pictures. Exhibition organisers reveal that the first appearance of Lolcats can be traced back to imageboards such as 4Chan. Cameras affixed to their collars automatically go off, giving perspectives from within tall grass, of underneath tables and chairs, and the occasionally fuzzy underview of an adoring owner. It also catalogues “celebrity cats” such as Maru pictured , whose online following is estimated in the millions after his life was documented on a blog by his owner.

I Can Has Cheezburger?

The image’s text is often idiosyncratic and intentionally grammatically incorrect, and is known as lolspeak. Lolcat is a compound word of the acronymic abbreviation LOL laugh out loud and the word “cat”. British portrait photographer Harry Pointer created a carte de visite series featuring cats posed in various situations in the early s. To these he usually added amusing text intended to further enhance their appeal.

The first recorded use of the term “lolcat” was used on 4chan , an anonymous imageboard.

The Day the LOLcats Laughed. I don’t know about you, BTW, I think the date of the Big Blackout was in , not macias on January.

What a website, as they say in the South. Not to mention that they steal almost all the photos, without giving credit or money to the photographers. How about that, on the internet. And in print, too. You are totally right about that. This is like website piracy. I am a member, and I am certainly not illiterate. You may not find the lolcats amusing, but there are some of us that do.

We enjoy our lolcats and ask that you not rain on our parade. Please, do enlighten us. When I see images added to lolcats for lolcatting, there are typically a series of the same cats; the same people; all uploaded at about the same time. Oh well, such are the ways of the internet. Although I got a few chuckles, the lack of comments to go along with the images kind of set back the book.

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Today I found out the origin of the lolcat meme. These photos were then often sold in postcards by Rotograph, the company Frees worked for. Fast forward a little over 70 years later and we have 4chan. The site that has spawned more memes than Steven Hawking has brain cells… so er ya, a lot. Gradually, thanks to 4chan, these pics were spread about the internet becoming popular on a variety of sites like fark, fazed, vwforums, gpforums, somethingawful, ebaumsworld, etc, but no central site dedicated to them was put up for quite some time.

Enter icanhazcheezburger. After chuckling about it a bit, they promptly went and registered icanhascheezburger. The investors promptly stopped complaining. At this point, they made a few changes to the site, hiring a full time employee to screen submissions and adding member accounts, as well as starting a few other similar sites and acquiring sites like failblog. Your email address will not be published.

LOLcats Book

That’s the subject line of a cover letter sent by a job applicant to I Can Has Cheezburger, one of the premier sites for so-called Lolcat pictures. Don’t think the letter will be rejected out of hand – bad spelling is no obstacle to a job in the Lolcat world. It may even be an asset. Lolcats became an Internet craze last year. Apparently, looking at Lolcats all day is an appealing job. We won’t knock you out for spelling.

Do LOLcats date back to the Middle Ages? That’s the case philologist Nicole Eddy is trying to make. Feb 25, , am*.

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Before LOLCats There Was Harry Whittier Frees

First there was Lolcats, then the Loldogs, and now meet Roflrazzi — another ridiculously-named site asking for you to amusingly caption the pictures. Roflrazzi is the brainchild of the people behind icanhascheezburger. Instead of furry things, Roflrazzi deals with celebrities, and the likes of Chuck Norris and William Shatner are already seeing their cult status make them high profile ‘captionees’. It’s not yet as charmingly amusing as its fluffy predecessors so it remains to be seen if it will become a cult hit in its own right — but in the meantime keep an eye out for all your favourite 80s’ stars as they dominate the site.

The Medieval and Earlier Manuscripts Blog is written by curators in the British Library’s Department of History and Classics. It publicises all aspects of the.

Judging by the initial reactions of the people in the administration who were involved defensive irritation from Assistant Dean of Admissions Tara Lindros , ambivalence from President Michael Roth , they assumed that our vehement outrage would naturally simmer down to latent resentment over time. At least, Aural Wes finally posted the initial results of their LOL-based alternative admissions project , intended to display a more revealing side of the student body.

Some results below, click through for the full AW write-up. Hardcore posturing Wes, from Will Tomlinson. Add to the glory: make your own para-admissions photo and send it in. You could stay up all night making friends for life, or you could do this.

The Carte de Visite, The Selfie (…and lolcats before the internet)

From YouTube videos of cats trying to stuff themselves, and each other, into boxes, to the dogs singing along to the piano, to dancing beluga whales, we simply cannot get enough animal weirdness. Take dogs, for example. They chase laser pointers.

So much so that the ‘Lolcats’ meme has entered common parlance (for those living under a rock, and David Cameron, ‘lol’ stands for ‘laugh out.

There are also images of a dead woman, splayed naked on a bare mattress, mouth agape, a deep red mark going all around her neck. Authorities say it was the slaying suspect, David Kalac, who posted the pictures and wrote the accompanying posts about strangling the woman and his plan to be fatally shot by police. The site is where hackers deposited nude celebrity photos over the summer. The site was born in , a year before Facebook, as an image and message board in the style of a similar Japanese board called 2chan, or Futaba.

Poole wanted to create a version on 2chan for American audiences to share his fascination with Japanese comics and television shows, the Journal said. Soon, the site grew well beyond anime and manga, thanks in large part to the fact that it allows users to be anonymous. It became a place for people to share images and discuss common interests, from TV shows to computer science to pornography.

At a time when Facebook, Google and to some extent Twitter are pushing people to share their real identities, 4chan lets users post without giving a name or even an email address, adding to its appeal. But the site prides itself in not censoring content just because it might offend some people.

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Over the last decade cats and dogs have invaded the web. Funny they may be, but is there a serious explanation for this planet-wide phenomenon? Indeed, but it goes deeper. The lolcat fad as in lol: laugh out loud started out in the USA in and has since gone viral like nothing else in internet history.

“Juxtaposing surprising meanings over cat images, a la the LOLcats phenomenon, allows us to engage in an activity humans have long been.

Oh hai. Few internet memes have enjoyed the cultural penetration and staying power of LOLcats examples ; home ; Wikipedia. They show how a LOLcat simultaneously builds two identities: the ubiquitous cat and the internet-savvy human that gives it its idiosyncratic voice. The presentation is at once funny and informative. After briefly explaining the origins and context of LOLspeak, it briskly addresses its phonetics, orthography, lexicon, syntax, and morphology.

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More than just lolcats – brands need to think visually to optimise for image search

Yeet, a new mukbang is up. If that makes no sense to you, keep reading to find out WTF is going on with our incomplete glossary of internet slang. I say incomplete because it’s pretty much impossible to keep up with the ever-evolving and expanding universe that is internet speak. Victoria Morgan, senior editor at Macquarie Dictionary, says language changes so quickly through social media that it’s hard for the dictionary along with the rest of us to keep up.

Ms Morgan and her colleagues are constantly making note of new words, phrases and changes in meaning of words used online and in mainstream media.

Lolcats arrive in print thanks to Felipe, coolest cat on Urf. Words: James Cartwright. —: Date: 14 March ; Reading Time: 1 minute read here, as it’s essentially just a load of lolcats-style rambling punctuated by ridiculous illustrations.

The Internet stood up to Congress and to the Senate and won. They were so close to having their wishes granted and then, unexpectedly, a spontaneous grass-root protest movement organized with the help of the Internet defeated them. But those rights sometimes need defending. I like this short video by the Khan Academy. So what has just happened?

A group of people — programmers, content providers, the Internet crowd — suddenly realized how much power they have, and were able to put politicians on notice. Those sites took a big risk, and they succeeded because of overwhelming support for their actions. We should remain vigilant. But, in the meanwhile, why not rectify some mistakes from the past?

The logo of the opposition to the Mickey Mouse Protection Law. Walt Disney is long dead but every time the copyright on his works nears expiry, the Congress enacts a new law that extends its reach. Do you know what was invented years ago?

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Every day poses a new reason to laugh — or cry — at a situation your cat has gotten itself into. For example, one of my cats insists on pooping in our bathtub. Have our best reads delivered straight to your inbox every week by subscribing to our newsletter. Kassi Klower. September 16, Owning a cat means lots of laughs. And their love of plastic bags is weird.

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